Fern Huile // Perfume
Fern Huile // Perfume
Fern Huile // Perfume

Fern Huile // Perfume


An all natural and botanical perfume oil. A green and fresh chypre of ferns. Herbaceous with a grassy and mossy, cool finish. Juicy leafy green ferns in a cool forest. 

In Slavic folklore, ferns are believed to bloom during the night and anyone who sees fern flower would be bestowed with prosperity and luck for the rest of their lives. In Finnish legend anyone who collects the seed of a blooming fern on Midsummer night would be able to travel invisibly, guided by a ghostly light of the forest to the place where the hidden treasure is buried.

Featured notes: lavender, fresh basil, pink grapefruit and many green herbs on a base of vetiver, oakmoss, and hay. 

The ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse point and allow to air dry

Ingredients: jojoba oil, coconut oil, essential oils, oakmoss, vetiver


Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with steel roller ball inside a black gift box on a bed of spanish moss.

10ml / .33oz