Figue Noire // Bougie Apothicaire

Figue Noire // Bougie Apothicaire

Figue Noire Bougie 300 g by Mad et Len

An ode to earth's elements. Poured and shaped by hand in the South of France, these vegetable wax candles are made with undiluted flower, wood, and spice essential oils emitting intoxicating rustic, resinous, and woody notes. Each is housed in a brushed black steel vessel. 

Scent Notes: green, fruity, woody with essence of the fig tree


Burn time: 20-25 hrs per 100 g

Made in France, Grasse

Mad et Len, One of the best-kept perfume secrets and the brainchild of Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut was born 2007 when decided to move to the village of St. Julien de Verdon near Grasse, in the southern part of France, where the traditional perfumery craft is kept alive. They source all of their essential oils themselves, using woods, flowers and spices which are all aged naturally. Some take up to two years to reach olfactory perfection. This accounts for why they only produce limited batches of the wax and oils are hand poured into their metal packaging, which is also completely hand made.